Episode 5: More fake news

We did a shorter follow up episode to continue the conversation we began in Episode 4 about fake news. This time, we talk about “Post-Post Truth”, a post by Barbara Fister from Inside Higher Ed. We dig a little deeper into what is meant by “fake news,” discuss the challenges of teaching about authority, and think about who or what might play a role in addressing these challenges. Click here to listen to or download Episode 5:

Episode 5

Have a listen, check out the article, and then share your ideas! Join in our conversation by leaving us a comment here or emailing us at librarysessionspodcast@gmail.com.

Show Notes:

Post-Post Truth, post from Barbara Fister on the Library Babelfish blog at Inside Higher Ed, 13 April 2017

During the episode, Jen mentioned an article about the rise in liberal-leaning fake news:

The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news, post from the BBC Trending blog, 15 April 2017



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