Episode 6: Student Sovereignty, Information Landscapes, and the Info Lit Summit Keynote

Time for Episode 6! In this episode, Martinique and Jen discuss the keynote address “Boundaries and sovereignties: Placing students at the center of information literacy”, given by Wendy Holliday, Head of Teaching, Learning, and Research Services at the Cline Library at Northern Arizona University. It was given on May 5, 2017 at the Information Literacy Summit, put on jointly by DePaul University and Moraine Valley Community College in Illinois.

This is usually one of our favorite conferences, and this year was no exception. We talk about Holliday’s concept of “sovereignty”, about information literacy as a linear path vs. a landscape, and whether librarians can really tackle that problem in a one-shot instruction session. Download or listen to episode 6 here:

Episode 6

Best of all? You can view a video of the keynote! Give it a watch, and then join our conversation in the comments or on Facebook.

And you may also be interested in the post-keynote discussion that took place at the conference, which they also handily recorded.

Thanks to Wendy Holliday and the Information Literacy Summit organizers for inspiring our thought provoking discussion!



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